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Why Is Family Entertainment Important In A Shopping Mall?

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Shopping malls are a major attraction not only for women but also for kids. The growing trend of adding entertainment venues in the shopping centre have turned a shopping pleasure into a fun family experience. Developers are constantly innovating to reinvent the shopping centre format to incorporate play areas, exquisite dining options, food courts, play land and theme parks for a holistic experience. Families who visit the shopping centre find all kinds of entertainment fit for each member of the family under one roof.

Most people search for a mall with entertainment near me on the net before deciding which mall is the best. If you are a movie buff, there is bound to be a multiplex. If you have an inquisitive toddler, you will find an exclusive play area, especially designed for kids. For foodies and to complete the whole entertainment experience, there will be food courts, eateries and fine dining options. Shopping centres are now a whole new ball game altogether.

Offering Quality, Out-of-Home Leisure Experiences

One of the biggest advantages of using entertainment at shopping centres is to bring experiences that engage and involve each member of the family. Instead of a dull and boring shopping affair, it becomes a place of activity. People who want to hang out or visit a fun place on the weekend prefer going to the mall as it is a one-stop-solution for all your needs. Areas that are not active for shopping are made active through entertaining activities which enriches the overall experience.

Stage Shows

Nothing beats the idea of live stage shows at the shopping complex. There are large areas dedicated for entertainment. Families who are always on the lookout for some fun activity on weekends. Puppet shows are equally popular among children and keep them engaged while the parents shop at leisure. There are sometimes quiz shows as well as a marketing tactic and people are asked to participate in it. Whoever wins gets a surprise gift.

Theme-Based Decor to Add to the Festivity

Nothing turns the eyeballs than a theme-based decor at the mall. Whether it is independence day, Eid or the birth anniversary of our founder, the shopping mall is decorated likewise which piques the interest of visitors and shoppers. It adds to the festivity of the occasion and families want to visit the malls to have a fun time. You can take this up a notch by hiring entertainers who talk to the visitors and engage them in a fun and entertaining way.

Dining Options

If you are feeling queasy after a busy day at shopping, then enjoy your favourite meal at the eatery. Most shopping centres offer a wide range of cuisines to excite your taste buds. You can enjoy mediterranean, fast food, chinese and italian cuisine or simply take some snacks with you while you continue with your shopping. It is a great place to be together with family and people sometimes visit the mall to enjoy the food there.


Are you a movie buff? Shopping centres these days have a grand cinema to make your movie experience simply great. Young people hang out with friends to enjoy the latest flick. It helps connect with your friends, lets you relax and have some fun moments. Most cinemas at the shopping centre are fully designed and equipped to give you a stunning movie experience.

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Play Area For Kids

Shopping mall with a kids’ play area is one of the biggest attractions. Equipped with the best games, the play area is beautifully designed to keep children engaged and occupied. Children have a fun time while the parents can spend their time shopping. Various slides, computer games and other thrilling rides are an important feature of the play area.

These are some of the reasons why family entertainment is so important in a shopping mall as it keeps everyone occupied. In the end, those who did not intend to buy or shop anything at the shopping complex also end up buying, which is what marketers want eventually.

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