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These Elements Make Capital Icon Mall a Roaring Success

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Investors looking to buy commercial property are considering investing in a shop in Sahiwal. The reason is that Sahiwal is a business hub where various economic activities take place.

Moreover, there are numerous shopping centres, but no shopping complex. This is why, Capital Icon Mall is a huge success in Sahiwal as it is a one-of-its-kind project promising state-of-the-art amenities. There are a few factors which make Capital Icon Mall the best project in Sahiwal.

Enjoys a Prime Location

Placed in a convenient location, Capital Icon Mall is easily accessible from all parts of Sahiwal making it easier to reach. Girls College Road on which the ultramodern shopping complex is situated, is well-connected with other roads and arteries. Mahi Shah Road, Faridia Park Road are some of the notable thoroughfares linked to Girls College Road. Due to its central location, people from all walks of life and living in different parts of the city can visit Capital Icon Mall and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.

No Big Shopping Mall Available in the Vicinity

One huge advantage that Capital Icon Mall has over others is that on Girls College Road, there are numerous shops and centres, but no big shopping mall. This makes Capital Icon Mall one of the best lucrative investment options. While there are notable brands located on the strip, you don’t get all the brand outlets and international brands under one roof.

Capital Icon Mall has all kinds of shops and stores in one place making it one of the best shopping avenues in the city. Shopaholics not only enjoy the smooth shopping experience but look up to the numerous entertainment options. It is a one-stop solution to all your shopping and recreational needs. You can easily get a shop for sale in Sahiwal in Capital Icon Mall and secure your investment.

capital icon mall 3d exterior view

Secured Car Parking Area

The parking area of Capital Icon Mall is secured and safe. You can park your vehicle and enjoy shopping at leisure. With high-tech security systems in place, your vehicle is in safe hands. CCTV surveillance cameras will be installed at key areas to avoid theft, burglary and other untoward incidents.


Stylish Architectural Design

Capital Icon Mall has an iconic style which makes it different from other shopping centres located in the vicinity. Once the project is completed, it will stand tall and elegant in the midst of smaller shops and brand outlets, owing to its unique design and exclusive architectural finesse.

capital icon mall 3d exterior view

Centrally Air Conditioned

Another reason for Capital Icon Mall’s popularity is that it is centrally air conditioned. Shoppers can shop at peace and feel the ultimate comfort and luxury. Other shopping centres in the vicinity do not have an advanced centrally air conditioning system which gives Capital Icon Mall an edge over others.

An Exclusive Rooftop Swimming Pool

The building’s rooftop has a vast swimming pool and recreational area. Shoppers tired of shopping can lounge and relax on the rooftop. The exquisite views of the city can be seen from the building’s top. Families who come for an enjoyable experience can sit and relax and at the same time take a dip in the icy cold waters of the pool to refresh themselves.

capital icon mall 3d exterior view

Kids’ Play Area

Cranky kids spoil the entire shopping experience. That is why Capital Icon Mall has an exclusive play area meant for kids. Children enjoy different games and fun activities which are provided at leisure at the shopping complex.

The play area is well-equipped for kids to provide the best entertainment options so that you don’t have to continue shopping with a nagging child. Shop to your heart’s content and at complete leisure while your kids have a fun time at the kids’ arena.

Food Court

There are numerous local and international cuisines served at the food court. So, when you start feeling queasy after shopping the entire day, you can enjoy food delicacies at the food court and satisfy your hunger pangs. It is a perfect recreational spot and the best shopping area!

These are some of the reasons that make Capital Icon Mall a roaring success and give it an edge over other shopping avenues in Sahiwal. Have a fun trip and enjoy with your families once the mall is completed.

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