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The Profitable Commercial Area Of Sahiwal Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal

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capital icon mall 3d exterior view

The best Business Platform

Sahiwal is the city of liveliest & vivacious people. They want to get all type of lively moments with their friends and family. For this perspective, they are looking for best opportunities which can make their life much easier and happy. And the now a days the burning issue in one’s family is mostly about the issue of property. So, how can people of Sahiwal get the best deals according to properties and commercial plots. The one and only Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal is representing the best commercial area of Sahiwal for the first time in Sahiwal. It holds ideal deals for the visitors and customers and for business lovers. The ideal deals of commercial shops, the residential apartments with the luxury underground parking area. Hence, the Best Plaza has to offer the best commercial plots in Sahiwal.

The Ideal Location

Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal is located in the heart of Sahiwal city. It is located near the Girls College Sahiwal, the road famous for the Girls College. When we come to talk about its ideal location, one knows very well about the facilities available on this road. The hospitals, rescue office, some famous restaurants outside the mall on this road, a park and all such facilities can found here on this road. The ideal location of Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal gives it plus points. The Capital Icon Mall has a complex number of modern facilities. The four floors with high colourful lights and attractive glass, with underground parking zone gives the best commercial location to the viewers.

capital icon mall 3d exterior view

Commercial Shops & Residential Accessories

There are well ventilated air conditioned commercial shops which are on sell. Every shop is wide with well decorated walls and well furnished. These shops are commercial and offers a reasonable amount. You can occupy this land only for your business interests. But we have another offer for those people who are facing the residential issues. Here we are representing some luxury residential apartments to live here. A decent and decorated apartment with full of modern and luxury amenities. Its mean you can not only shop here but live here by enjoying your life the fullest.

Business Platform

The best mall offers you the best business platform. Those people who are from the city or outside the city can avail this great opportunity. Such occasions and such chances now a days are very rare to avail. Today the burning issue is just about the business. One cannot find easy chance to prove himself in business platform. They are holding the accounting and business degrees but it would not be so helpful if you cannot get chances to apply your knowledge. So, capital icon mall gives you the chance to prove yourself in business streets.

capital icon mall 3d interior view

Cash and Instalment Offers

We are not offering a brutal or illegal business platform. For dearly customers and visitors who own these shops and residential apartments can give their amount in both ways. When one get satisfaction by our deals we purposed him/her with both cash and instalment offers. He can give his amount in cash or can make the instalment of this amount according to company’s requirements.

The amount for every floor is different. Every shop has its own price. You can know about these prices only by visiting Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal.

Clean and Safe Area

Clean & clear environment of the mall gives an attractive view to the visitors. The system is secure with high alert 24 hours security. Underground parking area including indoor system is too much secure and the management has an eye on all the activities performing inside or outside the doors with digital cameras.

Hence, all type of modern and necessary amenities can be found here with endless options of shopping and business.

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