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Delicious Food Courts In Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal

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Shopping malls are the icon of shopping & entertainment. Mostly of malls in Pakistan in big cities offer their customers with best foods of Pakistan. By following those best malls of Pakistan, Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal also offers their visitors and citizens not only best spot of shopping & entertainment but also with the Best Place of Eat delicious foods under one roof. Eat and shop along with each other are the best combination. All type of foods like traditional food of all Pakistan, Chines, Italian, Spanish, Indian and eastern foods can find here easily. Eat your best food here with your family, friends, colleagues and companions.

Eat Your Desired Cuisine

Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal offers a wide platform to eaters. Visitors can eat their desired meal under one roof. Whatever the cuisine is, Pakistani, traditional or fast food you can enjoy your delicious food with your family or friends. All type of food a mild one or spicy you can eat well here and enjoy your shopping along with foodies.

Traditional Food

Capital Icon Mall is the spot of traditional foods. These traditional foods include all the regional foods of Pakistan. Balochi cuisine, pashtun cuisine, kalash cuisine, kashmiri diet, Punjabi, Saraiki, Karachi and Lahori cuisine are famous in traditional foods and you will enjoy major of them like Karahi, Handi, rice plater BBQ in Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal.

capital icon mall 3d interior view

Pakistan’s famous traditional food courts can find here:

  • Rewayat
  • Shahi
  • Shah Jahan Grills

Snacks and Fast Food

Are you get tired of shopping? Is food in your mind?

Capital Icon Mall is the best place for eaters to eat their desire food. It includes a number of fast food spots which serve their customers with fresh, crispy, hot and delicious food. One’s mouth get watered when they talk or listen about fast foods . So how can you stop your steps which are moving towards the fast food corners. A lot of varieties in fast foods can find here easily. The list of fast food brands are:

  • Burger King
  • Calfornia Pizza
  • Gustoso
  • Howdy
  • K C Grills
  • KFC
  • Kitchen Cuisine
  • McDonalds

Best for Local Food

Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Abbottabad and all other cities of Pakistan have their own taste and traditional food. Mostly the local people are fond of local food. They are the best seekers of local food at everywhere. For this perspective, capital icon mall purposed some local food courts which are famous among citizens. The food like Channa chat, gol gappy, BBQ, gravies, Baryani and so on.. the most common food of desserts are Paan. All these local foods can enjoy happily in our mall. The list of local food corners are:

  • Chacha Jee
  • Bundu khan
  • Tanduri Restaurant
  • Bombay Chowpatty
  • Shahi Paan Shop

Ice-Cream Bars

Many people are fond of ice-cream, specially children look for ice-cream wherever they go. A lot of flavours and a lot of colours in ice-cream looks attractive to the visitors and you do not need to get worry we have some ice bars in our hands for the amusement of people according to their taste buds and choice. Some ice-cream bars are heading below:

  • Frutti
  • Magnum
  • Besterio
  • Hardee’s

Coffee Shops

Coffee and tea are the superior need and longing of some people. There are some remarkable coffee shops for such customers.

  • Coffee Bean
  • Second Cup of Coffee
  • Tea Bar
  • Subway

Our dearly customers and citizens can enjoy their desire meal in Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal. The restaurant’s services give the best and amazing packages. They can get their choice in all type of food according to their taste buds while ordering. Capital Icon Mall is the best place to enjoy food with your family, friends and companions.

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