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Best plaza Of Sahiwal The City’s First Decent Shopping Mall

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capital icon mall 3d exterior view

A best Plaza offering best place to enjoy with families, friends, visitors and all across the nation!

A huge, affordable, descent, captivating market plaza offering a massive variety of products in Sahiwal City. These features can make Capital Icon Mall unique as compared to other areas of Sahiwal.

Capital Icon Mall is an entertaining spot for visitors, travellers, citizens and customers. Some mega facilities like Cine Star Cinema, Swimming pool, food court restaurants, wonderland for children, a plenty of branded outlets of Pakistan and foreign countries makes it most notable and unique plaza of Sahiwal.

Branded Outlets

capital icon mall 3d interior view

For shopping lovers Capital icon mall offers a plenty of branded outlets which includes a lot of brands from Pakistan and Foreign countries. You can find a lot of laddies, gents and children varieties in these brands. Kids fashions, modern jewellery, branded watches, branded shoes, toys and branded garments, in a nutshell all the branded variety of modern world accessories are in the hand of Capital Icon Mall.

Food Court Restaurants

capital icon mall 3d interior view

Visitors give a great importance to their food during their shopping, some people came out from their shells just for the sake of their outing and eating. For this perspective, Capital Icon Mall holds some nominated, delicious and yum food corners for their visitors. One can enjoy the delicious meal during his shopping. If we talk about the variety of feasts and meals here, you will see a plenty of variety in food corners. Traditional food, Pakistani fast food, Chines and Italian food, international fast food, hence every type of food. You can enjoy your meal in these corners with your friends, colleagues, companions and families. Sitting plans and the furniture are awesome, arranged in a well-mannered way . Services and deals in these restaurants which we are offering to you, have never seen before in Sahiwal.

Cine Star Cinema

capital icon mall 3d interior view

Have you ever seen a cinema in the malls of Sahiwal?

No! But for the first time in the history of Sahiwal you can enjoy your shopping and a film together on a same platform. The one and only great mall of Sahiwal, Capital Icon Mall. A well-furnished, well-loved place, a corner of utmost serene, beautiful decorated chairs, with beautiful backs. A huge 3D screen with colourful pictures. In a nutshell, Capital Icon Mall is place of unlimited entertainment for their visitors.

Swimming pool

capital icon mall 3d exterior view

An attractive and attenuator well-decorated rooftop with a natural blue coloured swimming pool. What a plot of entertainment and happiness! You can enjoy your swimming in clean and clear environment. People are fond of swimming and they cannot get chances of swimming in a pleasant environment that’s why we are representing a huge, broad, wide and tempting swimming pool for complacency and entertainment.

Wonderland for Children

capital icon mall 3d interior view

We are representing a joy land full of entertainment for little angels. A variety of games including puzzle games, computer games, modern cradles and other accessories for children are in this wonderland. This joy land is safe and sound with trained staff. You can leave your little angels in this joy land and enjoy your shopping freely.

Family Entertainment

capital icon mall 3d exterior view

It proved as a Best plaza of Sahiwal for family entertainment and for youngster’s fun. You can spend a quality time with your family here.

A lot accessories to enjoy!

Walking through the corridors of Capital Icon Mall, one can surely thinks that his/her life is very short to enjoy all the happiness of the world. You can achieve the best chance for outing, dinning and eating with your family. You can revelled by a lot of opportunities of entertainment, business, shopping here.

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