Marvellous Peculiarities of Best Shopping Mall of Sahiwal


Capital Icon Mall is specifically designed to exude a relaxing shopping environment, for you to awaken the shopaholic in you and immerse yourself in a shopping experience.


Capital Icon Shopping Mall is where all the fun's at! An incredible world of never endingfun and recreation awaits you. Unwind with your loved ones at Capital Icon Mall.


Capital Icon Mall offers spacious and elegantly designed corporate offices. The top-of-the-line facilities of Capital Icon Mall guarantee a perfect, obstacle-free business environment

A Stunning Shopping Mall For the First Time in Sahiwal Devision

A Mall is a mixture of buildings which are specific for the shopping, dining, eating, enjoying. A number of shops in these buildings full of various types of goods that customers can walk through these buildings and buy their desire goods in a limited time. One cannot deny the importance of a shopping mall.

Best Shopping Mall for the first time in the history of Sahiwal Division

If we talk about our town Sahiwal, We can see an extra ordinary creativity and a highly marked task purposed by R.I.A associates representing the outstanding architectural landmark, an attenuator land which you have never seen before in your area. It is located in an optimum commercial area, one of the most high-profile commercial property in the heart of Sahiwal.

An Inimitable Shopping Market

A huge, affordable, descent, captivating market plaza offering a massive variety of products in Sahiwal City. These features can make Capital Icon Mall unique as compared to other areas of Sahiwal. Capital Icon Mall is an entertaining spot for visitors, travellers, citizens and customers. Some mega facilities like Cine Star Cinema, Swimming pool, food court restaurants, wonderland for children, a plenty of branded outlets of Pakistan and foreign countries makes it most notable and unique plaza of Sahiwal.

What a Great shopping mall has to offer!

A Hotel's gym, luxury lounge with a lot of facilities, activity centres, bowling alleys, billiard tables for a nice play, arcades, health centres, large cinemas, exciting games and an atrium where concerts and other major events can be held beautifully and elegantly. Such conveniences can found throughout the mall.

Shop Your Fashion and Trend

Brands are the best way to be in touch with today’s trend and fashion of outer world. So, Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal gives you a wider & broad platform to stay in touch with today’s world trend. You can collect and shop your desired fashion here. You can visit a complex number of varieties here. We are making a list of brands below, you should surely have a visit to this wonderland and you will see the magic which has never seen before in the history of Sahiwal.

A Heaven for Shopping Lovers

Capital Icon Mall proved as a paradise for the shoppers. They can get each and everything in this mall. When visitors enter to the mall, they get seizure by the deals and it causes a relieve to the citizens in the motif of a great vacation deal.

A brilliant vacation deal has to offer by Capital Icon Mall!

In Capital Icon Mall, for enjoyment and easy walking of our dearly customers, there are airy vast corridors for shopping. We are conscious for our customers rest.For this purpose, convenient and beautiful capsule lifts, comfortable speed of moving staircases are available for easy going of customers proves it a Best Shopping Market in Sahiwal. We assure you, You are going to love this place.

Eat Your Delicious Cuisine Including Traditional food & Fast Food

Capital Icon Mall Sahiwal offers a wide platform to eaters. Visitors can eat their desired meal under one roof. Whatever the cuisine is, Pakistani, traditional or fast food you can enjoy your delicious food with your family or friends. All type of food a mild one or spicy you can eat well here and enjoy your shopping along with foodies.

A Glorious and Profitable business platform

There are broad and well ventilated shops more than 165 in numbers that gives a business platform.Every shop is wide, well-decorated and well-loved. Capital Icon Mall is going to introduces a lot of best and most nominated Brand items of the worldin your city. Those legends who are interesting, can achieve their require branded items in a well disciplined way in Capital Icon Mall. People will surely enjoy the modern touch of society through these brands.

Commercial Shops & Residential Accessories with Modern Amenities

There are well ventilated air conditioned commercial shops which are on sell. Every shop is wide with well decorated walls and well furnished. These shops are commercial and offers a reasonable amount. You can occupy this land only for your business interests. But we have another offer for those people who are facing the residential issues. Here we are representing some luxury residential apartments to live here. A decent and decorated apartment with full of modern and luxury amenities. Its mean you can not only shop here but live here by enjoying your life the fullest.

A joy land for Your Kids

We are representing a joy land full of entertainment for little angels. A variety of games including puzzle games, computer games, modern cradles and other accessories for children are in this wonderland. This joy land is safe and sound with trained staff. You can leave your little angels in this joy land and enjoy your shopping freely.

Station of Adventures, Take a Step towards Your Utopia

Enter to the station of adventures, big deals big offers on every outlet. In holidays, swimming pool, Cine star cinema, brands, joy land, resort accommodations to stay, food corners each and everything has to offer a winsome and handsome deal for our dearly customers.

Family Fun & Entertainment

It proved as a Best plaza of Sahiwal for family entertainment and for youngster’s fun. You can spend a quality time with your family here. Walking through the corridors of Capital Icon Mall, one can surely thinks that his/her life is very short to enjoy all the happiness of the world. You can achieve the best chance for outing, dinning and eating with your family. You can revelled by a lot of opportunities of entertainment, business, shopping here.

A Room for Complacency and Happiness

For World class entertainment and limitless joy of visitors, A magnificent Swimming Pool on mall's roof top looks attractive for those who are fond of swimming, A Luxurious cine stars Cinema for our dearly customers to enjoy their routine shopping. Well furnished and beautiful food corners with an attractive sitting area for feasting. In short, A Mall that is all in one. They have some reward able hotels and resort accommodations. Its mean you can not only shop there but you can live there but spend a quality time.

Safe & Secure Underground Parking Corner

Now a days, there is a burning issue for parking conveyances. But in Capital Icon Mall we have 2 floors fixed for car park corner with high alert 24 hours security. We are not only responsible for your outclass shopping but for your security too. We are aware for your security that’s why offer best security alerts with best motif.

A perfect place to unwind and have fun in Sahiwal

In a nutshell, the top plaza of Sahiwal offers endless options for Entertainment and amusement. You should must step into this wonderland to spend a quality time with yourself, friends, family and companions. You are cheerfully welcome to us and we will treat you like a family here.

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